Unlock options for on-chain incentives

Tap into option tokens for rewards, token distributions, contributor incentives and more.

Create Options

Create Options

Create Options

Airdrip: a new primitive

A process that is highly bureaucratic off-chain now takes minutes. Deploy options on any token and use them however it fits your needs. Permissionless, on-chain with full control over the distribution.

Highly customizable

Every use-case has different requirements. Create put or call options, european or american on any ERC-20 tokens.

Open source

Feel free to check the code or build on top of our option contracts. Check the docs or jump into our Discord for guidance.

Free, forever

There’s no fee involved in creating or managing the option campaigns. Everything goes to your audience.

Stay in control

We provide the tools and leave it up to you to decide the right incentive structure and distribution.

Readily available

Airdrip supports 7 EVM chains. It comes with an SDK and a Subgraph ready to be integrated into your own product.

How to _

Here are some handpicked ways in which you could leverage Airdrip for your web3 project or DAO.

Stock Options Agreement

Replicate a stock option agreement and stream shares to your contributors.

Airdrop with Airdrip

Reduce dumping effects after an airdrop through call otpions vesting with Airdrip and Sablier.

General Purpose Options

Use the factory to create general purpose options. Design them yourself with the possibility to stream them via Sablier.


Create your first option campaign.

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